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Oil presses made in Germany with 6 years warranty.

Buy oil presses and spare parts made in Germany directly from the manufacturer.
We specialize in the individual construction and production of oil presses, plant oil presses, filter presses, and spare parts and always have ready-made items for you to choose from.
Each oil press is suitable for the production of high-quality cold-pressed oils and edible oils from various kernels, nuts, and seeds.
We offer you first-class, customer-oriented service and extensive expertise of our entire team based in Germany.

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Applications of our oil presses

As a manufacturer, we provide oil presses and oil mills in different sizes for small processing quantities of 3 kg to large processing quantities of several tons per hour (depending on the seed) for the food, feed, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries as well as for protein extraction.

We also design and manufacture professional oil presses on our own lathe and milling machine to meet your individual needs for cold and warm pressing for your oils, including water cooling.

In addition, we offer our full service with tailored solutions for your production site.

Uses of oil presses

You can use our oil presses to make fresh and healthy oils from various kernels, nuts, and seeds – free of any additives and natural, such as:

Cashew kernels, chia seeds, peanuts, rose hip kernels, hemp seeds, hazelnuts, coconut flakes, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, almonds, poppy seeds, pine nuts, pistachios, rapeseed, mustard seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, grape seeds, walnuts, and many more that you can find here.

Each oil press is pre-assembled, so you can start production right away. They can be disassembled and reassembled in a few steps for cleaning. You can use each oil press to make your own plant oil, cold-pressed, and warm-pressed oil.

With our filter presses, you can clean, deodorize, doriate, filter, and refine oils. You can then use the oil press cakes for animal feed or grind them into food flour.

Let us advise you without obligation on which oil press or machine for the extraction of edible oils from kernels, seeds, and nuts is useful for your purposes, so that you can buy the one that fits perfectly into your production process.

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High-quality oil presses for the production of fine and natural cold-pressed edible oils and cosmetic oils

Edible oils are essential in the kitchen. They are used for frying and cooking and are often an integral part of cakes and pastries. Compared to butter, edible oils are 100% vegan and are therefore considered to be significantly more sustainable. The oils are obtained from various plants such as rapeseed, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and nuts. The raw material from which the oils are made is crucial for their aroma and taste. The healthiness of an edible oil primarily depends on how it is produced. When oils are cold-pressed, particularly many healthy ingredients are retained.

The oil press makes the difference

For the production of cooking oils, the type of oil press used is crucial. We offer different German oil presses, which can be used to make cold-pressed oil from nuts and seeds. They are characterized by easy and fast operation and are suitable for use in private households as well as in commercial areas. The pressing material is placed in the hopper of the oil press, which can press the entire pressing material in a cylinder. To make it easy to remove the finished oil, the oil presses are equipped with two different containers. One collects the oil created by the pressing process, the other collects the press cake.”


How do the oil presses differ from each other?

Oil presses have established themselves in recent years in two general designs. There are the so-called cylinder hole models, in which the press cake is finally discharged through a corresponding mouth opening due to immense pressure. There are also the strainer rod oil presses. Here too, it is a so-called screw press, in which different rods are located in the cylinder used here. In the production, care is taken that there are several small gaps between the rods through which the oil can escape. The press cake is then automatically divided into small plates by the presses, which can be easily thrown out.

Handling and differences of oil presses

When oil presses are sought for home use or, for example, for use in the catering industry, attention must be paid to different handling methods. There are oil presses that are operated by hand. Here, the pressing process takes a little longer and is also associated with a greater effort. Therefore, the electric oil press has understandably been very successful in recent years, as they offer a much higher level of convenience. They have a higher performance, making them perfect for producing larger amounts of oil, especially if you want to produce large amounts commercially or industrially. The pressing takes place at the touch of a button. We only offer electric oil presses due to the high comfort.

In terms of functionality and equipment, there are large differences between the oil presses. High-quality models are equipped with different accessories, making them very easy to use, for example, as a walnut oil press. To ensure that the electric oil press for walnuts is best suited, for example, the necessary temperature can also be set, at which the pressing process takes place. The variable temperature is intended to ensure that no important ingredients from nuts and seeds are destroyed.

What foods can be processed with the Oilex oil press models?

The Oilex oil press can be used to make various cooking oils, giving a high degree of flexibility. They are very popular for making seeds such as hemp, flax and sunflower seeds. In addition, various seeds can be used for oil production.

Furthermore, the Oilex oil press can be used to make a nut oil. Nuts are also known for their particularly strong inherent aroma and often also give the foods for which the finished oil is used a special taste. Many types of nuts can be processed in the oil press. In addition to hazelnuts, walnuts are also very suitable.

The oil press can be easily cleaned after cleaning. The oil presses offered by us produce high-quality press cake in pellet form, which can then be easily further processed. For example, the press cake can be used to make feed.

When choosing a good oil press, attention should always be paid to quality. Therefore, it is important that the oil press can offer a high oil yield, so that the seed can be pressed as gently and efficiently as possible.

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